Our network of repair specialists ensures your guitar is restored to working order. Prices below are estimates for common repairs. Call us or drop by store for more information.

Repair Cost Setup
String Change: Steel string Acoustic, Electric or Bass, 4 or 6 string, Ball End Classical $25 $39
String Change: Classical Guitar $29 $39
String Change: Violin, Viola or Cello $39
String Change: Ukulele $20 $35
String Change: Floyd Rose, Same Gauge String $45 $65
Repair or Replace Nut: Guitar, Bass, Uke, Banjo, Mandolin - DOES NOT INCLUDE PARTS $25
Custom Bone Saddle: Installed $45
Electronic Work: Billed $45 per hour, $35 minimum $35 MIN
Misc Work: Hourly or quote $20 MIN
Violin / Cello: Sound Post Install, Post Not Included $39